Drink the X-Men
13. X-23

Being a teenager is never easy, but it’s especially difficult when you’re the female clone of one of the best-known X-Men, trained from birth as an assassin, treated as an outsider by everyone you meet, and always fearing the influence of a certain scent which will send you into a murderous rage!

People who claim that Laura is nothing but an excuse to let homophobic dudes fap to Wolverine may seem to have a point when you consider that despite apparently being a clone of Wolverine, Laura is a) female, b) good-looking and c) entirely lacking in body-hair. But she is also written with surprising sensitivity, with her current title dealing with her coming to terms with her past and slowly learning to make the choices that will make her happy. This just shows that people who judge a character by their origins story are total dicks, and this goes doubly for people projecting their own issues onto teenage girls.

hard cider
beer (preferably lager)

In a long glass, mix equal parts beer and cider. Drink while considering that sometimes the clone is neither better nor worse, just different.

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